The new way of giving is… The traditional way.

Alfajor is not only a cookie deeply embedded in our South American culture, it is a synonym of family and friendship, of gatherings and good times. Its recipe is handed down from generation to generation creating a wonderful tradition. With its "melt in your mouth" characteristic, is a cookie that stays with you forever. 

Our gift ready presentations show your appreciation and thoughtfulness. The love and care we put on each package of Alfajores Uriel, is as if you would have wrapped it and sent it yourself.

Share with friends and family or indulge yourself with these delicious cookies. Enjoy with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of cold milk for the little ones.


Alfajores Uriel awarded Editor's Pick by Entrepreneur.com
Our sincere thanks to Entrepreneur.com's team and Editors for giving us, crafters, artists, designers and independent merchants a platform to show and share our products, which are much more than just an item for sale. We at Alfajores Uriel, are proud to be a part of this year's Indie Holiday Merchant Gift Guide and to be an Editor's Pick (we know it wasn't an easy task). Great job!


Unique and Elegant... They will show your appreciation and thoughtfulness.
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